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AirWatch with Windows 10 in Practise

AirWatch with Windows 10 in Practise

We are very proud been engaged in one of the largest AirWatch managing Windows 10 project in the Australia.


Below is what we have learned:

Both Windows 10 and AirWatch are in the process of improving the stability and capabilities at the moment.

  • AirWatch managing Windows 10 is limited by Microsoft MDM API
  • AirWatch is not very stable in managing Windows 10, especially in the advanced feature, like pushing down scripts using Staging & Provisioning feature
  • Windows 10 is still evolving in MDM API as well.
  • TPM 2.0 is required, TPM 1.2 is not compatible anymore.
  • There’s a new service in Windows 10 called “Device Health Attestation“, make sure you have firewall opened.
  • AirWatch Azure AD integration requires Azure AD premium license


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