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Migrating WordPress site from AWS EC2 to cPanel

Migrating WordPress site from AWS EC2 to cPanel

We have identified some stability issue on Amazon AWS EC2 platform, as we can see Database connection error sometimes on our customer’s website hosting on AWS EC2.

This issue happens quit common on FREE tier EC2 customer, and reduced when the customer upgrade to a paid EC2, like EC2 small.

If you have a busy website, like 1,000+ visitors a day, we would highly recommended you moving away from EC2 and migrating to a cPanel hosting platform.


The general steps of migrating from a non-cPanel platform, like AWS EC2, to cPanel is quit manual, but there are some easy ways.

1. Backup the site, included:

  • MySQL database
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Uploads

The easiest way to make all them up is using a WordPress backup plugin called “UpgraftPlus Backups”

The beauty of backup plugin is it take care of the MySQL database updates, it automatically update the database name, user and table on the new site, we don’t have to go through manual process anymore.


2. Download the backups to local

Once it’s backed up, we can easily download the backups to our local hard disk

3. Install WordPress in cPanel


4. Login into new site, install “UpgraftPlus Backups”

5. Upload your local backups


Note: If the local backup is too large, like uploads folder sometimes, we can always manually upload via FTP onto the site, the path is “/public_html/wp-content/backup”


6. Restore backups

The order restore backups is as below

  • Uploads
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Database



7. Test

Test it out.

8. Update DNS

Point the DNS to our new site.