Project Delivery - JQiT Services
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Project Delivery


We provide proactive, customer?centric services to help ensure that customers can go from where they are to where they want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our implementation services cover all phases of your solution implementation from planning to deployment and support.


We provide customers with a portfolio of services – a powerful combination of industry best practices and proven implementation methodologies. Customers can either tailor their implementation with a customised deployment plan based on their processes that provide scope and fit?for?purpose deliverables or select from application?specific packages, which focus on specific processes and applications, and take an iterative, modular approach to driving IT transformation across the business.


We utilise a proven, structured approach to implement your solution – all supported by strong project management and flexible education and change management offerings to help your project team work toward success. Best of all, our implementation services are scalable, customisable, and can be delivered online or at your site.


Our implementation services help you accelerate the implementation of your solution so you can rapidly achieve the business benefits you expect.